Review: 4**** Faces in the Crowd – White Bear Theatre @WhiteBearTheatr @Bonnie_Adair @ahdb12 @LawBallard @FITC2018 @UpstandingProd

Tweetingit: 4* A raw, emotional two-hander delivered with pace and conviction, honouring the finest traditions of northern drama

My first visit to the White Bear immediately ticked all the required boxes. A two-minute walk from the nearest tube; a nice selection of beers and a neat, well-contained theatre upstairs. Faces in the crowd is a typically gritty story of Joanne and Dave, a couple separated for 10 years who reunite in London to talk over old times. title_preview (1).pngDave has a flat in London and works in HR; while Joanne is still in Sheffield running a florist shop. Some tightly packed dialogue ensues as they taunt, cajole and tease each other into submission. They probe weak spots eager to provoke a reaction. You always feel that Joanne has the edge over Dave with almost forensic powers of recall which usually puts Dave on a losing horse. Whilst outwardly aggressive it’s clear they still want each other; but how exactly do they reconcile the blank years and the wreckage they’ve both caused?

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#Tweetingit –  I know, it is March and there is a pants notice already but hey, we do have another yellow weather warning for snow so…its seasonal right?

New Wimbledon Theatre is pleased to announce that writer, actor, comedian, radio and television presenter Paul Merton will be stepping out from behind the iconic 2 (6)Have I Got News For You desk and donning the heels, making his live pantomime debut as widow Twankey in this year’s must-see family pantomime, Aladdin, from Saturday 8 December.

One of Britain’s best-loved and most popular comedians, Paul’s career began at the infamous Comedy Store and he regularly appears with the Comedy Store Players and tours the UK. His television appearances on hit programmes included Whose Line Is It Anyway? Room 101, various travelogues and documentaries and he is a regular on Radio 4 where he is now the second longest serving panellist on Just a Minute.

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Review: Big Bad – 4**** – VAULT Festival 2018, London @BigBadPlay @VAULTFestival @ArabellaGibbins #Vaults2018 @SabinaCCJ

#Tweetingit – Our new reviewer, Sabina, gives 4**** to this highly recommended one-woman show about internal struggles, female empowerment, with fantastic realism.

If you look up Big Bad, you’ll see that it is often described as a black comedic story of imprisonment, resistance, and female sexuality. And that’s not wrong. This feminist tale revolves around the resilience of a self-labelled “monster”, who turned her initial victimisation into something powerful. Big-BadShe doesn’t subscribe to the whole “don’t let it define you” – she clearly states that it did define her; it changed who she was and helped her become who she is, for better or for worse. Maybe I over-analysed it, but I couldn’t help it – the psychological and sociological effects of traumatic events have always intrigued me, and they were tastefully presented (if a bit conspicuously) from minute one. But I should probably mention that it is a very introspective piece, so if you prefer world-describing to internal struggles, this might not be the show for you.

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Review: 2** Véronic Voices – London Hippodome @veronicdicaire @HippodromeLDN

#Tweeingit – Véronic voice is something worth going to hear but the show itself, falls slightly flat.

I went into this show with mixed feelings. I have seen a number of people doing impersonations of singers, and I usually just watch the one song – perhaps one song with many impersonations within it. imagesSo I didn’t really know how a 2 hour show would work or how it wouldn’t get samey or dull. Sadly, my mixed feelings were mostly validated within the first half an hour or so.

Véronic Dicaire is a Canadian protege of Celine Dion, and you can really see why; she has a seriously good voice. The notes she hits reaches and the spot on vocals are something to be more than praised but unfortunately, the majority of the impersonations lacked something, and the show itself did not bring the comedy, choreography or party vibe that one might hope for at such a show.

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News: THE CRICK CRACK CLUB PRESENTS SOHO STORYTELLING SEASON SPRING 2018 – with three more feasts of fairytales for grown-ups @CrickCrackClub @sohotheatre


Soho loves storytelling! Grown-up fairytales by the UK’s most exciting voices welcome the Spring Season…Crow2

Expect dark forest paths to districts of desire, overseen by the watchful eye of a crow who may mean death, but might just, if you’re lucky, mean resurrection instead…
The Crick Crack Club has been programming epic, myth and fairytale performances for grown-ups since the 1980’s. Which is why all audiences need to know in advance, is that the answer to ‘Crick’, is ‘Crack’.

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News: This is going to be aca-awesome. Award-Winning British Vocal Group Sons Of Pitches Presents: 100 Number One Hits! Tickets on sale 16th March @TheSOPitches @o2sbe #acapella #YouAcaBelieveIt

Who doesn’t love Pitch Perfect? The answer is no one doesn’t love it (if you can figure that double negative out) And so, what more can you want than the chance to see  the multi-award-winning British vocal group Sons of Pitches Live? I am booked in for the London show on 14th October and am expecting it to be quite the show!DYKQWqKWsAAI8Wr

They will embark on a 26-date UK tour in October and November 2018 with their brand new show: ‘100 Number One Hits’.

Expect fast-paced medleys and mind-bending mashups as The Sons of Pitches attempt to hit their target of 100 legendary tracks in just one evening. From Michael Jackson to The Beatles, ABBA to Eminem, the show caters to audiences of all ages and is not to be missed.

The tour begins on 1st October at Cardiff’s Glee Club and ends Tuesday, 8thNovember, at Shrewsbury’s Severn Theatre.

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News: It’s time to get a bit of musicality and remember your bogopogo – Strictly Ballroom the musical is coming to London! @strictlystage @TeamPiccadilly ‏@willyoung

“There are no new steps!”  But as of March 29th, there will be when beginner dancer, Fran has the audacity to approach Scott Hastings,  poster_Ballroom-caaan open amaetur, to dance with her once more, as Strictly Ballroom comes to Picadilly Theatre.

If you haven’t seen this film, get on to it and then get tickets for what is set to be a fabulous production. The cast has serious dancing prowess and should not disappoint. Lead by Jonny Labey, Zizi Strallen and Will Young, alongside Anna Fancolini and Gerard Horan, this musical also features some truly iconic music such as Love is in the Air, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps and Time After Time.

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Review: 4**** Becoming Shades – The Vaults Festival Chivaree Circus @Chivaree_Circus @VAULTFestival

#Tweetingit – A feminist retelling of a classic tale complete with breathtaking acrobatics, and strength from the performers that appears to know no bounds. 

The Waterloo Vaults are quite the experience; a rabbit warren of rooms, bars, dens and cubbies to watch plays, immerse yourself in an adventure and sit with friends to have a drink or 2.

We are guided towards the largest of the Vaults venues – The Forge. Becoming-Shades-main-image-1200x617-optimisedI had already been in this room once that evening to see Neverland (link) so was surprised to enter it and feel like I was in a completely different place to the one I had left just 45 minutes earlier. In the darkness, the audience begins putting on their black surgical masks with which we had been presented to wear throughout the show.

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NEWS: I AM GOING TO SEE JOHN BARROWMAN! @JohnBarrowman @lsqtheatre ‏ @SethRudetsky

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this.  I received the press release on the 7th February and set my alarm straight away to buy my tickets on the 9th. Thankfully, I was due to be at the airport back from America at 5am and therefore was up and ready to book them the second they became available.

Now, as a 31-year-old woman, perhaps I do not fit the standard demographic of those who wanted to go to watch John Barrowman sing. The press release claims that John Barrowman is best known generally for his role of Malcolm Merlyn (aka The Dark Archer) in the hit TV series Arrow, based on the Green Arrow comic books, and in the UK as Captain Jack Harkness, in Dr Who and Torchwood. saigon1 As much as I love these programmes, they are not, however, the reason I have a mild JB crush. I am going because he is the first Chris in Miss Saigon (my all time favourite musical) that I saw.

So, let’s do the maths there. John Barrowman was in Miss Saigon in ’93/’94. I am 31. Therefore I was 7 or 8 when I first went. Looking back, my dad realises that I was perhaps a bit young to be at such a show, but I had grown up loving the music and was desperate to go. I may have thrown a tantrum or 6, what choice did he have? Perhaps the great Jason Donovan debacle of 1991 was what swung it for me (my biggest theatrical disappointment when I didn’t see Jason Donovan in Joseph, despite the promises ).

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News: West End Eurovision – The stars of 42nd Street, Aladdin, Dreamgirls, Hamilton, Kinky Boots, Mamma Mia, The Phantom of the Opera & Young Frankenstein are competing for this year’s coveted trophy in an unforgettable night! 22nd April @Shaftesbury1911

Sequins, spandex and glitter balls at the ready!   After a four-year gap, West End Eurovision is back!  The feel-good, edge-of-your-seat-exciting and interactive event will take place at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Sunday 22 April  – for one show only and on one unforgettable night only!

There will be a sea of flags and the most outrageous costumes as the casts of some of Theatreland’s biggest shows battle it out to be crowned the champions of West End Eurovision, to raise funds for the Make A Difference Trust. WEEV-2018-listing-imageEight of the West End’s top musicals will be competing against each other by singing original Eurovision Song Contest songs to win text votes from the audience and the approval of a panel of celebrity judges and judges from each competing show.

The casts will be giving their all to lift one of the 3 coveted WEST END EUROVISION 2018 Trophies — The Champions, The Best Ident Movie and The Best Creative.
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